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Frequently Asked Questions 

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    Where will the IME appointment take place?
    Our consulting physicians perform independent medical evaluations throughout Wisconsin and in Burnsville, Minnesota. For a complete list of our evaluations sites and IME location maps, please click here.
    Will MedEx, LLC send a notification letter, map, and directions to the claimant?
    Yes. MedEx will mail a notification letter and a local area map to your claimant one week prior to the examination date, unless otherwise requested.
    Where do I send the medical records, diagnostic studies, and other evaluation-related information?
    AS OF 7-30-10 Please forward all medical records, diagnostic studies, and other pertinent IME or record review materials to our NEW ADDRESS:

    N14 W23833 Stone Ridged Drive, Suite 220
    Waukesha, WI, 53188

    Does MedEx provide a records pick-up service?
    Yes. MedEx will gladly dispatch a representative for local records pick up in the Milwaukee Metro area at no extra charge.
    Does MedEx provide a cover letter service?
    Yes. There are two options: cover letter dictation or cover letter template.
    How soon will my final report be ready?
    MedEx makes every effort to expedite your final report within 7 to 10 working days. If you have a specific deadline due to an upcoming hearing or surgery date, please mention this when placing your order and also remind the consulting physician in the subject line of your cover letter. On special requests, it is often possible to have the report ready on the same day as the exam.
    Will someone review my report before it is finalized?
    Yes. Our editing and quality assurance team will review the entire file in collaboration with the consulting physician to ensure a top-quality, expert medical report.
    Will the consulting physician call to discuss a case with me before the independent exam?
    Yes. Please contact our main office if you would like to personally discuss your case with any of our consulting physicians.
    Will the consulting physician discuss his or her IME opinions with the examinee?
    No. Because of the unique nature of the independent medical evaluation, no physician-patient relationship exists, and no medical treatment or advice will be rendered. The consulting physician may explain to the examinee that the independent medical evaluation results will be available in approximately two weeks through their Worker's Compensation claims representative.
    Will the consulting physician hold an IME report if additional records and/or diagnostic studies have not arrived for the exam date?
    We understand that situations occasionally arise when a report may need to be placed on hold. MedEx will gladly work with you to devise a timeline for providing this additional information to the consulting physician; however we do ask that you make every effort to provide all pertinent materials prior to the examination date.
    Will the consulting physician be available for clarification if questions arise after I have read the report?
    Yes. Should the need for clarification arise, please forward your additional questions in writing to MedEx and we will contact the consulting physician immediately.
    Will the consulting physician be available for video depositions or live testimony?
    With advance notice, most of our consulting physicians are willing to accommodate requests for video depositions and live testimony. Please refer to our Physician Panel for a list of services offered by each consulting physician.
    How can I find out if the consulting physician is actively practicing?
    The majority of physicians on our expert panel are board certified and maintain an active clinical practice. Please refer to our Physician Panel for more detailed biographies of each physician.
    Is there a Cancellation/No Show policy?
    Yes. A 'No Show' occurs when the scheduled party fails to arrive or is 20 minutes or more late for the scheduled examination. A 'Late Cancellation' occurs when the referring party cancels an appointment with less than 3 business days' notice. Business days are Monday through Friday. 'No Show' and 'Late Cancellation' fees vary by physician, but are typically billed at 50% of the IME. However, if the examination is rescheduled within 30 days, you will receive $100 off the rescheduled completed IME fee.
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